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The Friendly Check-In service is intended to ensure you feel connected to the community. We can match you with volunteers who will check in regularly via telephone, emails and letters. You will also receive a card on your birthday.


Our transportation assistance service ensures you can get to where you need to go. Volunteers offer rides to appointments such as medical, banking, hair cuts, and other requests. Members can also request a ride to an OSA program or event to stay connected.


Our basic residential assistance service ensures you can access the help you need to respond to situations around your home. Our volunteers provide this practical kindness in outdoor areas such as: shoveling, yard clean up, and other requests on a case-by-case basis. Our members can also access our ‘Preferred Service Provider’ list which provides names and contact information of local contractors.


Our technical assistance ensures you can confidently and safely stay connected virtually with family & friends and others in the community. Our Tech Mentor service matches you with a volunteer to provide technology mentorship and training. Weekly Tech Talks are offered over Zoom on various topics. Computers, tablets, and/or Internet connection is also available, as necessary.