Please ensure you have read and understand the terms and conditions of being an Oakridge Seniors Association (OSA) Member.

Membership Terms and Conditions:

  1. Term: An annual membership term is for 12 consecutive months of each calendar year; between May 1 - April 31.

  2. Fee: The annual membership fee is $10 per member.  This amount is reviewed annually and may change from year to year.

  3. Members 55 years and older, shall submit to a complete Membership Application (via the OSA website or paper application) along with the annual membership fee.

  4. Registered members will receive an OSA membership card.

  5. OSA membership cards can only be used by the individual to whom they are issued.

  6. All member benefits provided by OSA are subject to discontinuation, change, modification, improvement or substitution without notice. OSA makes no representations or warranties with respect to, and accepts no responsibility or liability for, out of date or erroneous information related thereto.

  7. All business transactions between OSA members and its Affiliate network (i.e., service providers, programs, etc.) as a result of membership, are strictly between the Affiliate Member and the OSA Member. OSA acts only as a referral agent.

  8. Membership is non-transferrable.

  9. Membership can be renewed on May 1 of each year, with a 15-day grace period. Renewal statements will be sent to members via email or mail prior to the renewal date. Membership will be considered lapsed and terminated if not paid within 15 days of renewal date (May 1).

Cancellation Policy

  1. OSA has the right to suspend or terminate this membership without further obligation should the Member fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the OSA Membership Application.

  2. OSA may cancel your membership for non-payment at any time. Non-payment includes, but is not limited to, your credit/debit card or check being declined for payment for any reason. Membership services will be provided until the cancellation effective date.

  3. If cancellation is initiated by you, and received by us, within fourteen (14) days of your dues payment, you will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after fourteen (14) days of your payment. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.

General Release

In exchange for my participation in activities or events provided or organized by the Oakridge Seniors Association of Calgary, Alberta I agree that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the OSA Release, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement (Can be viewed at by clicking on the Membership Page - Waiver or by clicking here).


Privacy Policy

OSA will not sell or otherwise disclose Individual/Joint or Associate Member non-public information to any third party unless such third party is performing services for or on our behalf and is bound by an obligation of confidentiality.

Entire Agreement

The Membership Terms & Conditions contain the entire terms and agreements in connection with Member's participation in OSA and the OSA Affiliate Network and no representations, inducements, promises or agreement, or otherwise, between OSA and the Member not included herein, shall be of any force or effect. If any of the foregoing terms or provisions shall be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions hereof shall not be affected thereby.