OSA was founded in 2018 through observation that seniors were disconnected from the community, and that the number of seniors in the community was growing considerably. Many residents moved to Oakridge when the community was first established and stayed throughout the years.


At the time,19% of Oakridge residents were 65 or older, the largest senior community in Calgary. This finding led to the creation of a passionate group of residents, with a commitment to create opportunities for Oakridge and area residents. The 2019 census showed the number of seniors living in Oakridge continuing to rise, (22% of residents 65+, and 37% of residents 55+.) This increase in the number of seniors in Oakridge confirms there is critical need to create services through connections.

Research shows that seniors prefer to age in their homes, which leads to a healthier and happier overall life. The vision of assisting seniors to age in their homes became the goal of the OSA, by adapting The Village to Village (V2V) concept. Villages are set up as self-sustaining organizations funded through small annual membership fees, and primarily relying on local volunteer support.


The concept of a V2V is to connect its residents with practical help around the home and yard, as well as social, educational, and cultural activities.  Villages also expand seniors’ network of friends and offer activities in the neighbourhood they love. OSA aspires to create a village following this concept.


In creating this OSA commits to explore, identify and coordinate social, educational and other services to improve quality of life for seniors through connections and inclusion.


To improve the quality of life for seniors in our communities by connecting them to social, educational, and basic services for living well.



A community where every senior thrives aging in their homes through social connections and resources.



Through these focus areas, we commit to explore, identify, and coordinate social, educational, and basic services for living well by offering:


Social Activities & Programs

Health & Wellness Activities

Lifelong Learning Programs & Opportunities