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*Note: Services provided by our trusted partner Calgary Seniors' Resource Society.

Preferred Service Providers

OSA has developed a list of local contractors who are thoroughly vetted by a group of our experienced members. These contractors have been recommended by 3 Oakridge community members. 


Have a contractor you'd like to recommend? Please contact our office.


Tech Mentor

This service is intended to enable seniors to confidently and safely connect virtually, while remaining safe in their homes using the Internet, connect to social services via Zoom, and more.

If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or Internet connection, OSA can help with obtaining these.

Volunteer Drop Offs*

Volunteers deliver essential items, including food and groceries, toiletries, and medications. This service is intended to support the safety and basic wellbeing of seniors who are unable to leave their homes. 


Essential Transportation*

This service provides essential transportation to ensure that seniors are able to access essential medical care. 

Practical Kindness*

The Practical Kindness service responds to urgent requests, including one-time urgent but non-medical transportation (e.g. bank, pharmacy, etc.) and other urgent requests that will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Friendly Check-in*

Friendly Check-in volunteers check in regularly via telephone supporting seniors to be socially connected to their community and provide a reassuring and friendly voice.

Care Post*

Care Post service is provided by intergenerational volunteers who send care mail, including coloured pictures, letters, stickers, etc. This service is intended to promote small gestures of kindness and to bring smiles to seniors. 

Pet Assist*

Provides support to seniors and their pets eg. Pet supply deliveries, Pet support while mitigating risk by practicing social distancing.

Caring Companion*

Caregivers and senior care recipient are matched with a volunteer who visits once a week for a minimum of 2 hours. The program provides companionship for the senior, allowing the caregiver to have a break.

Seniors Connecting Seniors*

A network of older adults representing various languages and cultures, helping seniors connect to services in their community

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