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OSA Summer 2021

OSA Spring 2021

What is the Oakridge Seniors Association?

  • People working together to identify senior needs in Oakridge

  • Promoting social connections and inclusion through fun, friendly activities and events

  • Providing accessible, culturally appropriate and flexible programs 

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Oakridge Community Background

  • Oakridge was developed in the 1970’s, celebrating 50 years in 2020

  • 19% of residents are over age 65 (Calgary average 10%)

  • Many moved here when Oakridge was new

  • Many raised families here and now feel disconnected

  • Research shows seniors prefer to age in their homes

Our Vision - The Village Hub

  • Build a “Village Hub” * providing practical help

  • Provide social, cultural and educational activities

  • Maintain and expand seniors’ network of friends and activities in the neighbourhood they love

  • Unlike government funded or fee-for-service organizations, villages are member-funded, with seniors volunteering for most support services, paying a small annual membership administration fee

* The Village movement originated in the USA in 2002 and currently there are 200 villages in the USA, 2 in Canada, and 400 across the globe

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Initial Funding

OSA has obtained startup funding in partnership from Calgary Seniors Resource Society 

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