Open invitation to all OSA members to attend our 2nd annual general meeting November 18. Please register by clicking here to access our Events and Programs page.

COVID-19 Update: In light of the current COVID-19 situation, some Oakridge Seniors Association activities and events have moved to a virtual format. Please click on our Programs and Events page to see the many programs we are currently running.

Where you belong...

Re-imagine the idea of community!

The Oakridge Seniors Association (OSA) is:

  • People working together to identify senior needs in Oakridge

  • Enabling social connections and inclusion through fun, friendly activities and events

  • Equipping seniors with tools to support aging well in their homes

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We provide a wide range of activities for our members such as:

  • Special events (Pub meets, host homes, parties, potlucks) 

  • Fitness classes (TaiChi, Yoga)

  • Arts (French & Spanish)

  • Sports (Pickleball, Sailing)

  • Special interest groups (Men's coffee, Ladies movie chat)

  • And much more - Check out our Programs and Events page!  



Let's Close the Digital Divide! 

Technology opens the possibilities for connection, learning and fulfillment of basic needs. The pandemic has disrupted much of our normal routines and technology can keep us engaged in the things we love and the things we must do. From communicating with grandchildren to ordering groceries, technology can help.


Oakridge Seniors Association is committed to bridging the digital divide for older adults. We can help you use the Internet, connect to social programs via Zoom, and more! If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or Internet connection, we can help with obtaining these. Please phone OSA Manager at 403-801-7254.

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